One On One


One-On-One mentoring sessions are customized just for you!

We will address any area in your relationship/or self-development. We cover all aspects of your relationship needs in this high intensity 7-hour One-On-One session. We have a flexible curriculum that is modified to ensure that we hit the areas you feel you need the most assistance with and empower you to be able to handle any type of relationship challenge that comes your way! Though we will discuss an array of questions you may have, these sessions are geared primarily to help you master “Knowing Your Worth,” “Knowing Your M.E.A.T,”and or “Social Interactions”. You will also receive ongoing mentoring via the Teia Hill private Facebook Group where we discuss more topics in detail.

One-On-One mentor session includes:

Mentor notebook & session materials

Professional consultation with one of our partners

Mock Dating Routine

Interactive Date

All meals and snacks

Personal Outline Chart

Ongoing mentoring via Facebook (additional consulting please let us know via email)

One-On-One mentor sessions are about 7 hours.  If you’d like to book yours and see a sample agenda, sign up below!!

Information on One On One

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