Group mentor sessions are held with groups of 10 to 15  at a time.

These sessions are designed to focus primarily on DATING, SEX, MARRIAGE, DATING WITH KIDSSELF WORTH and much more.

D.A.T.E  Me: We cover everything from the top 10 steps of properly DATING, to the most common mistakes made while DATING. Can you really DATE 3 to 5 men at one time? Is waiting 90 days still accurate? Are your standards too high in the 21th century? The breakdown of the infamous “friend zone.”  Understanding what knowing your worth means beyond your relationship.What do YOU actually want?

Know Your M.E.A.T: This popular WorkShop is the truth. Why you haven’t gotten your ring? Are you doing to much? Are you together or dealing with each other? I am loyal so what’s the problem? STOP LOOK and LISTEN…now before you do another thing.  The breakdown of the infamous “gray zone.”  Are you even “wife” material.

Moms DATE Too:  For all of our single mothers that are DATING. Understanding the different levels of integration? Can I date and be a good mother too? My child hates him do I cut this off?  His kids are different?  I want to wait till I know we are headed some where? My kids don’t want to meet him?  My children’s father isn’t active but my kids don’t need him to play dad either. How do we maintain a family in the 21 century.

Love & Life (Married): The reality of being married and no one told me this part. Balancing a career and being a wife is not easy. Our sex life is not the same? I’am happy but not satisfied. We once were best friends but now ugh!! Kids, life, work and him my single friends have a better life. Do you know what being a husband and wife means?  What is a virtuous women/wife in 2015.

 Each course comes with a detailed workbook. The curriculum can be modified to cover the areas that everyone in the group needs assistance with. We will touch on RELATIONSHIPS but that is not the primary goal of these sessions. All participants will receive ongoing mentoring via the Private Facebook Group (provided after registries)

Group mentor sessions include:

  • Mentor notebook & session materials
  • Women Prep Kit
  • Vision Life Branding (supplies provided)
  • All meals and snacks
  • Professional support from our network of partners
  • Ongoing mentoring via Facebook

Group mentor sessions are intense. 
The following dates have been scheduled for 2015 thus far:

Washington, D.C January 24 (Moms Date Too)

Washington, D.C. February 7 (D.A.T.E. Me)

Washington, D.C. March 26 (Know Your M.E.A.T)

Atlanta, GA
 March 22 (D.A.T.E Me)

Washington, D.C. 
May 16

Richmond, VA 
May 23

Miami, FL 
August 6

South Carolina
September 18

Washington D.C. October 16

Is the date you’re looking for booked? Please click here to sign up or be placed  on the waiting list and you’ll be first in line for the next date.

DC group sessions will be added frequently as needed.